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​Eden Home Fragrances

Homemade Wax Melts & Candles​

Tumbled Gemstones

We now Have a Selection of quality Tumbled Gemstones in stock.

(SP) refers to the ‘spirit or spiritual aspect’, the innate nature of the person

Including his or her important intentions, aims and focus in life; (S) refers to

The ‘soul or subconscious’, including temperament, emotions, intuitive

Perceptions, dreams, psychological experiences, habits and unconscious reactions.

(M) refers to ‘mind or mental aspects’, including ideas, values, convictions,

Views as well as a manner of thinking and conscious action (B) refers to the body

Or physical aspect, the human organism as a whole with its senses, organs and


Defining these four aspects clearly differentiates what can be influenced, enhanced,

Changed or cured with the help of the crystals

Kalahari Desert Stone (jasper)

Jasper (Landscape Jasper, Kalahari Derert Stone)

Mineralogy: sandstone quartz (jasper, trigonal, secondary)

Indications: (SP) staying power (S) strengthens under long-lasting

Strain (M) helps tirelessly make new attempts after failures (B) aids

Digestion, the immune system and the cleansing of the connective

Tissues and so alleviates allergies and hay fever.

KalahariDesert Stone



Mineralogy: yellow crystal quartz (silicon dioxide, trigonal, primary)

Indications: (SP) gives courage to face life (S) gives joie de vivre;

Aids self-expression; helps with depression (M) helps deal with and

Understand absorbed impressions (B) fortifies the nerves, stomach

Spleen and pancreas; also helps with bedwetting.


Obsidian Black

Obsidian (Black)

Mineralogy: volcanic glass (silicon dioxide, amorphous; primary)

Indications: (SP) resolution (S) rescue remedy for shock, traumas

And blockages (M) helps integrate ones dark side, activates

Untapped abilities (B) ease pain, tension and constriction of the vessels

And enhances blood flow and wound healing.

Obsidian Black


Heliotrope (Bloodstone)

Mineralogy: green jasper with red spots (trigonal secondary)

Indications: (SP) immune protection (S) aids setting bounds (M)

Helps maintain control (B) fortifies the lymph and immune reactions;

Helps with problems of the heart, blood vessels and bladder as well as

With flu, colds, infections, inflammation and puss formation.